List  Of  Diseases


Allergies are direct result of severe vitiation of Blood and Lymph. Such problems occur only due to weakness of immune system to tackle the outside/inside agents that cause the trouble. Any such issue can be EASILY and EFFECTIVELY treated with Mother Nature's plant based remedies of Electro Homoeopathy

Gastric Troubles

Gastro Intestinal tract troubles are so numerous that almost all general physician clinics abound with these patients. Ranging from simple abdominal pain to most serious cancers, chronic gastritis, Dysentry, food allergies, chronic vomiting, loss of weight, worms etc there are so many issues that trouble a person that it sometimes become difficult to diagnose and treat. 

But in Electro Homoeopathy complete focus is on treating basic cause of the said troubles which is "Vitiation Of Blood & Lymph". As these remedies focus only on treatment through essences of plants, these remedies are completely safe to use with results at great speed!    

Heart Troubles

Heart is a sensitive organ and so need sensitive remedies for it's problems. Any kind of heart troubles like weakness, high heart rate, abnormal rhythm, slow working of heart, Blood Pressure etc can be effectively treated with Electro Homoeopathic remedies.

Mental Problems

One area where Electro Homoeopathic remedies excel beyond doubt is Mental issues which include both physical causes and psychological causes. Ranging from emotional trauma, suicidal tendencies to fits and cyst , inflammations , infections etc all can be dealt effectively with Mother Nature based remedies of Electro Homoeopathy.

Respiratory Problems

All problems of respiratory tract like simple cough, running nose, coryza, sneezing, allergies, infections, sinus, adenoids, tonsils, asthma, dyspnoea, tuberculosis etc are result of grave vitiation of blood and lymph. Body systems are so weakened that they cannot fight against agents of irritation like dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses etc. Electro Homoeopathic remedies strengthen up the immune system and so provide necessary support for proper functioning and thus removal of disease causing agent from the system.

Gynaecological Problems

Most wonderful results are obtained in female problems including Amennorhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Fibroids, Cysts, PCOD, Infertility, Missed Abortions, Pain in breasts, etc.  Electro Homoeopathic remedies solve the problem from the very basic root cause which is " Vitiation Of Blood and Lymph"

It is very important to note that whatever is name of disease , if the disease is affecting  LIVING BEING ,  LIVING BODY then it can be treated and cured with Electro Homoeopathy system of medicines! Why? Because Electro Homoeopathy remedies ACT UPON BLOOD and LYMPH and CURE " VITIATION OF BLOOD AND LYMPH" and it has nothing to do with name of disease , micro organism , bacteria, virus etc. If a body part is affected then that body part demands specific remedies and those remedis will eradicate any abnormalities in that body part leave aside name of the disease.