About Electro Homoeopathy

Electro Homoeopathy is the latest and most advanced Medical System discovered by Dr C C Mattei of Italy in 1865. Baffled by the incomplete nature of medical sciences existing at that time, he devoted his complete time in finding something which is fully safe and effective in almost all conditions. After prolonged and thorough research , he developed a system based only on vegetable kingdom which was both safe and extremely effective. Instantaneous results in many conditions were achieved and this became his basis of discovery of Noble Science named " Electro Homoeopathy".

Why Electro ?

Mattei saw some lightening fast results in some cases just like application of Electricity. Due to this he used the name Electro.

Why Homoeopathy?

Mattei proposed that human cells require minute nutrition to maintain their normal working. Whenever this nutrition is disturbed , diseases occur. Now, cells require that very or almost similar substance to refill the devoid which is provided by plant kingdom. The requirement of similar cells/substances  in cells to clear the disturbances became the basis of using " Homoeopathy".

Effectiveness and Safety of Electro Homoeopathy

As only plants are used in preparing Electro Homoeopathy remedies, these medicines are considered SAFEST in the world. Even one day babies, Pregnant ladies, Old Age People, men, women, transgender etc everybody can use these medicines with complete safety. What's more ? there is absolutely No Side Effects, After Effects or Drug Dependency issues with these medicines.

Basic Law Of Electro Homoeopathy

since the human body is composed of 2 main fluids :- Blood and Lymph and all kind of nutrition, growth and life processes depends upon proper functioning of these two fluids, so , any kind of disease arises only when there is one or more vitiation of Blood and Lymph ! This is the central principle of Electro Homoeopathy which leads to proposition that " Disease is in Vitiation of blood and lymph and cure is in it's restoration."  

Difference from other sciences

Electro Homoeopathy is totally different science from all other sciences 

Development Of Electro Homoeopathy

After advent of Electro Homoeopathy, it reached all over world very soon and grabbed attention of masses due to it's extremely fast results. Many people started learning this new system of medicines and the most notable was Dr Theodore Krauss who learnt and eventually developed this system and took it to new heights. After demise of Mattei, it was Krauss's efforts that led to present day survival and growth of Electro Homoeopathy. 

In India, one of the most prominent promoter of Electro Homoeopathy is Dr N L Sinha who preached this system like a religion and treated thousands of patients. He developed this system by  adding and simplifying concepts and also led to steady growth of Electro Homoeopathy in India. 

We, at Aeron Electro Homoeopathy Clinic, use most basic concepts of Mattei along with guidance from Masters of Electro Homoeopathy and this is the reason that why we get superb results!