Mental Problems

Apart from physical problems, Mental Health issues are on rise and have become a major source of concern for all.  Increasing suicidal tendencies, Depression, increased quarrels on petty things , aggressive behaviour etc are all such things that till now were considered somewhat normal but with more and more modernization and improved healthcare awareness, people are becoming more sensitive to such issues. 

whats more and most imortant? 

Mental health issues create direct physical illness that can ONLY be cured if mental issues are taken care of. Most importantly in women , mental problems seem to cause periods related problems and vice versa.

All such problems can be effectively dealt with Mother Nature based remedies of Electro Homoeopathy. These remedies heal basic cause  of all such problems which is disturbed subtle balance of Blood and Lymph. Great results are obtained in even most complex mental health issues with these simple yet powerful and wonderful remedies