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If you are suffering from some dreadful diseases and your condition is not responding to normal medicines, then Mother Nature based Electro Homoeopathic remedies can help greatly. Based only on plants essences, these medicines help greatly in removing basic cause of all problems which is " Vitiation Of Blood And Lymph". All type of problems ranging from Common Cold, Cough, Fever to most dreaded Cancers all respond wonderfully to Electro Homoeopathy System of Medicines. 

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Our Motto Is To Bring Back Smiles!

No matter what the disease is, no matter what the stage of disease is, no matter what your doctor has told you, we are here to support you.

With help of most advanced and powerful plant based essences of Electro Homoeopathy, we can definitely help in your recovery process. 

Our Specialities

We help in Management of Almost any kind of diseases whether acute, chronic, surgical, non surgical, so called incurable diseases, mental disorders,  hereditary diseases, metabolic disorders, male problems, female(gynaecological) problems, diseases of Children, Old age problem etc. HOW? Electro Homoeopathy  acts upon basic cause of all diseases which is " Vitiation of Blood and Lymph". Whatever be name of disease, it always falls under category of Affected Blood or Affected Lymph which are treated and cured with these remedies, and so it's perfectly possible for us to help in all kind of problems with wonderful results!  

All problems start from Mind!! 

This age old saying is perfectly true and has become even more important in today's time period. Most medical Professionals miss on very simple issue that "might be the presenting complaint is nothing but manifestation of subtle mental issue". Whatever medicine we give but it goes in vain until and unless mental support is not extended. Sometimes a very simple act of just listening to the person guides and leads to full recovery. This very neglected but of paramount importance factor is kept in mind during consultation with patients which gives wonderful results. Also, there are specific remedies in Electro Homoeopathy that act positively upon brain and mind of person and thereby gets highly positive results. 

Electro Homoeopathy

Miraculous science Electro Homoeopathy is based only on Plants. Essences are derived from plants that are used to treat any kind of ailment of life force. Extremely wonderful results are achieved with these remedies. 

Even so called incurable conditions respond wonderfully. Many cases of surgery  are saved. And Hopes of revival in dying are enhanced greatly! Such is power of these remedies that many families around the globe use only Electro Homoeopathy remedies as their first choice of treatment.


Testimonials is a great way to build faith and let everyone know about the power of System.  Let's have a look at some of our Happy Clients Testimonials.

Disclaimer: As a policy we do not upload pics / address / before after reports of patients. Kindly contact Clinic for a greater knowledge and experience.